Best Pizza Cutter

We all love pizza, but as soon as we get one delivered at home or in the restaurant, same thing pops in all of our heads – how to cut it and enjoy this delicious food immediately. Well you’re lucky you came on PizzaCutters, because in this post, we’ll be discussing choosing best pizza cutter that will help you to eat your food as soon and nicely cut as possible. Some might ask, why do i need a pizza cutter? Well, you can use regular knife to cut pizza in pieces, but anyone who has done that understands need for pizza cutter, because using regular kitchen knife to slice pizza is extremely uncomfortable and time consuming. After trial of several minutes, you might succeed and cut pizza, but you’ll end up with terrible slices that aren’t equal or nicely cut. To solve the problem of cutting pizza, smart people came up with the idea of creating pizza slicer, which would be designed especially for this purpose, and since we consume millions of pizzas every year, it would be really worth investing couple of dollars in it. But pizza cutters weren’t perfect right away, it took time and effort to improve the product, and it’s still improving. So, to make task of choosing best pizza cutter easy for you, we present 5 great products that are very best pizza slicers on market. List of these cutters can be found below, and we also included quick product reviews, so you know what kind of product you’re getting. But before that, we thought it’d be useful to provide you with some tips and tricks you need to know before buying any product.

How to Choose Best Pizza Cutter?

  1. Make sure its sharp enough to cut through everything – including thick pizzas, which are pretty popular these days. Once i had nice pizza slicer, but it required so much force to just cut through one regular sized pizza. I had to sharpen it and it got better, but still, i should’ve bought sharper product. It’s also important to keep an eye on material, and choose one made of stainless steel. They last and stay sharp longer.
  2. Make sure your pizza cutter complies with safety requirements. Cutter structure must be strong and simple, you can’t risk well being of your fingers. Most cutters usually don’t have such issue, but you still should keep this in mind. If you go for best pizza cutters we’ve listed below, you can be assured that all of them are very best cutters on the market and you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. To avoid risks, you should also get pizza cutter that doesn’t slip while holding. Slicers with rubber grips usually have the best grip in your hand.
  3. Make sure that pizza cutter you get is easy to clean, preferably it should be dishwasher safe. Some products are very complicated and it takes time to clean them up, so if you value your time, you should probably stay away. Again, we’ve chosen our top 5 picks to be free of any of these issues.

Best Pizza Cutter in 2016

KitchenAid Pizza Wheel

One of the most popular pizza cutters on the market. KitchenAid cutter is made of stainless steel, which has several advantages over its competitors. First of all, it stays sharper for longer period of time and doesn’t require sharpening as often as others do. Second and most important, it doesn’t rust, which is very important when choosing a pizza cutter. Blade is sharp enough to cut through even thick pizzas, and doesn’t require much force. For extra safety, this pizza cutter comes with built-in guard that protects your fingers and thumbs from occasional cuts. Handle doesn’t slip and is comfortable to hold, and there’s hanging hole at the top of it, so you can store it conveniently.

OXO Good Grips 4-inch Pizza Wheel

Pizza slicers are usually very similar, but what differs this wheel from other product are its size and quality. This stainless steel pizza cutter uses 4 inch sharp blade to cut through all kinds of pizzas and sometimes other food as well. It also has thumb guard, so even though its very sharp, your fingers are still very secure. Non-slippery rubber handle feels very strong in hands as well, so chances of making any mistake are very low. Even though this cutter costs a little more than majority of its competitors, it’s still very popular among customers for its durability and performance. It’s dishwasher safe, which makes it very easy to clean without getting your hands dirty.

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

Unlike any other slicers on this list, this product has new round design, which makes it way more convenient and portable. And it performs as well as other cutters on this list, and outmatches the rest of the products. 4 inch blade perfectly cuts any sort of pizza, and doesn’t get cutter dirty. If you still want to clean it, product comes apart and allows you to clean it without any hassle. It doesn’t have handle like others do, but the plastic case is easy to hold and doesn’t slip. This  particular pizza cutter also comes with protective cover for its blade, so it will be safer to store and it will last even longer than it normally would.

Utopia Kitchen Pizza Cutter

This is a great affordable slicer that any pizza lover should have. Its made of stainless steel and nothing else, so it’s very solid and strong. Blades are large and sharp, even sharper than other expensive cutters. It can cut through any sort of pizza or other bakery very easily, without much effort. Utopia Kitchen Pizza Cutter is also very easy to clean, either by hand, or with washing machine. And even though it’s made of steel, it weighs very little. With hundreds of positive customer reviews and amazing ratings, i think this is the best pizza cutter for the money.

Bicycle Pizza Cutter – TOUR de PIZZA

Receiving bicycle shaped pizza cutter as a gift must be pleasant for everyone. It’s lovely and functional, which makes it perfect gift for anyone. Both bicycle wheels are cutters at the same time, so these slice through anything without any problems. And cutters are made of stainless steel too, so they won’t rust for very long time. Cleaning is easy and therefore fast as well, since it can be washed by hand as well as with dishwasher. Both wheels have diameter of 3 inch, which means these will cut through any pizza, regardless of its thickness. To sum up, customers find this to be very useful addition to any kitchen, and product has received hundreds of positive reviews, so it’s worth giving a try.